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Mr. Bean is a famous British character. It is a very famous funny character and it is not only popular amongst kids but also famous in adults. Mr. Bean is entertaining people from last 26 years.
Its first episode was introduced in 1990 which became very popular among public. It first movie got a lot of popularity by his funny acts. In his first film he went for examination. Mr. Bean selected wrong question paper and he was unable to solve this question paper. So he started his funny acts.

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He tries to cheat others. During his exam he did many funny acts like he tried to snatch the papers of others and many more but he did not get success in his exam. Suddenly he found his original paper which was very easy and he was able to solve that paper but he had only few minutes left. The examination time had been nearly finished and it was not possible for him to solve the paper in few minutes.
But he still continues his funny acts and provides a lot of entertainment for his viewers. Many movies of Mr. Bean are not only available in the market but they are also available online. And you can watch them on your smartphones, PC and laptops.

So now all users of smart devices can enjoy Mr. Bean without paying any money. But for this purpose you should install mobdro online streaming app on your android or iOS smart devices.
Then you can enjoy all old and new movies of MR Bean in High HD quality on Mobdro App. Due to its popularity in 2002 and in 2004 cartoons of MR Bean has been introduced for kids who also got popularity of Mr. Bean. They are translated in different languages. And they are get telecasting on official TV channels of many countries. The proof of the popularity of this series is that in 2007 different games of Mr. Bean has been introduced.

And quantities of its users are in thousands. Some famous Mr. Bean games are: Mr. Bean color, Mr. Bean car driving and Mr. Bean car parking. I hope this article prove a good source of information for you. Please Also share this article with your friends and family.