Top House Moving Plans from Man with Van London

The house moving experts from Man and Van London can provide you with some of the top plans within your planned budget. This is split into series of steps like segregation of items, packing, loading, transportation, unloading and rearranging. Your involvement may be required in the segregation of items in your home which helps the staffs in managing packing procedures efficiently. Large furnitures may need to be dismantled to make packing faster and effective. Separating fragile items from the others helps in providing specialized safe packing materials. You can keep aside the furniture, appliances and equipment aside which cannot be disassembled. Sort out the kitchenware, bathware and other small and medium size utensils based on material, dimension and other parameters.

Man and VanPacking Services from Man with Van

  • The helpers from man with van come equipped with packing materials like the cartons, tapes, labels, markers, foam pads, bubble sheets, packing bags, cutting tools, adhesives, ropes, tie downs, cords and other protective covers and sheets.
  • Corrugated cartons with multiple ply (thickness) and dimension can be used for packing most of your small and medium sized household items. They can also be used for fragile items by wrapping the box interiors with foam and bubble sheets. The packers from man with van ensure absolutely zero vibrations and shocks in their packing methods.
  • Electrical appliances and non dismantling furniture can be packed in wooden cartons with foam pads. The packers can use bubble wrap sheets around sensitive appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens, electric stove and others.
  • It is better to pack the garments, upholstery and other fabrics separately. Beds, linen, pillows and other bedding items can be packed using single large size wooden carton.
  • Eliminate all the flammable items like paints, gasoline and others from the packing list. They can cause irreparable damages to other household items during transport. If it is not possible to dispose them, you may need to make special arrangements for transporting such hazardous cargo.

Once the packing is complete you can help the packers from man with van to stick labels and make markings on the carton boxes. They help in the easy identification of cargo. The labels contain instructions for loading, arranging and unloading procedures. So, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your cargo.

Loading Services from Man with Van

At the man with van system loading is more than just dumping the cargo into the vans. The loaders are trained to arrange the cargo based on label identifications. They arrange all the heavier and large sized cargo at the bottom and medium and light weight cargo on top. Fragile cargo is stored separately to provide maximum protection. Once they are sure of the safe arrangements they go ahead and secure the van doors.

Transportation and Unloading with Man with Van

Man and VanRoute planning and time scheduling are the key elements which make the moving services of man with van highly effective. They deliver the cargo at the destined location and unload the cargo safely within the expected time. Constant tracking services from man with van keep you updated about the transit status of the cargo in your mobile phone.