The programmers and designers at are able to achieve the highest standards of professional hacking techniques for almost all the gaming software you can think of today. This is probably due to the effectiveness of the programs they write and the tools they use. As you can see there are hundreds of other sites who are also into the same process of hacking and cheat generation. But the reach and effectiveness of seems to be vast due to the algorithms they create and follow. The top four algorithms are based on the four critical parameters of gaming server and client.

Control Manipulation Algorithm from

This is an important phase in gaining control over the outcome of results produced by events during runtime. For example you can consider an event in which the opponent gamer clicks on a weapon to fire it in the direction of your main character (let us call him X) in the game. At this moment you can trigger an equal and opposite reaction from your end (due to the hacking tool you are using) to divert the direction /intensity of the weapon. Or you can trigger the action of “wound healing health potion”. This can be done even in situations when the gaming software doesn’t give any provisions in its standard procedure. There could be multiple instances like this in a given game. They may vary in nature and the level in which they are needed. An effective algorithm is able to predict all such possibilities beforehand and prepare the hacking code in advance.

Memory Manipulation Algorithm from

Server memory space is used by the gaming software to store the variables related to 2-D /3-D coordinates of the maps, data related to anticipated movement of gaming objects, placement coordinates of resources etc. By writing algorithms to manipulate these variables at runtime, the hacker creates all possible scenarios within the scope of each gaming session. These sorts of algorithms are capable of flowing in different directions, depending on the anticipated outcome of the events. Similar memory manipulation algorithms can be written to change the values stored in credits, coins, tokens etc.

Anti Detection Algorithm from

You will never be able to predict the ways in which the gaming software applications can try and detect the intrusion methods of hacking. This is attributed mainly to the developments in security related technology and tools. However the programmers at always manage to write successful algorithms to deceive most of the detection mechanisms applied by the gaming software applications. This may require specific algorithms for a particular type of game. You can also find generic anti detection algorithms which can be used in common for multiple gaming platforms.

Auto Update Algorithms from

This is said to be a unique feature of hacking and cheating algorithms. They are generated from the predictive analysis of the object behavioral patterns within the scope of ach gaming zone. So the software will be able to learn from the object behavior of the gaming software when it encounters them. Effective evasion mechanism can be incorporated into the algorithm without affecting its overall structure in any way,