HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air- conditioning and this aims at providing thermal comfort to the people living inside also promising a standard air quality. Sometimes refrigeration is also added into it and then it is named as HVACR, ventilation may also be dropped and then it is termed as HACR. In today’s times with increasing global temperatures due to global warming, these have become an essential part of each of our lives. Thus this industry is on the rise and in the future, this might be one of the pioneering industries.

heating and air atoka This industry finds its application in small households, apartment, offices and hospitals and also in medium to large industries. The fresh air from outside replenishes the interior environment and thus maintains a healthy and safe living conditions.


The main functions of heating, ventilation and air conditioning are kind of inter-related and have the common purpose of giving comfort and healthier living conditions. For the heating purpose, heaters are usually used. These appliances keep the air warm and thus keep the temperatures in a moderate range in very cold countries or during severe winters. Central heating is also an option, and the heat can be transmitted by conduction, convection or even radiation. Heat sources can be many, electricity or liquids and gases and the heat pumps have been increasing with time in almost all kinds of environments.

Ventilation, on the other hand, is a very necessary component in which exchange of gases, heat or moisture takes place and the fresh oxygenated air is circulated inside rooms. It is of primary importance because intense heating or greater concentrations of certain poisonous gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide can be lethal for human health. It includes both the circulation of air inside as well as incoming oxygen from outside to inside thus replenishing the interior atmosphere. Ventilation is of various types- Forced or mechanical and natural ventilation. Mechanical ventilation is usually done to keep the indoor air quality good enough and is done using air handlers. Kitchens and bathrooms have this kind of ventilation to control unwanted odour and sometimes humidity. Natural ventilation on the other hand does not require any mechanical handlers etc. It occurs naturally via operable windows or any kind of architectural gaps and spaces. Natural ventilation keeps away diseases mainly airborne, like tuberculosis and meningitis. Also, it does not require any maintenance, thus is inexpensive.


HVAC industries are into the job of providing you with a comfortable lifestyle. Heaters or furnaces can give you the required comfort during harsh winters. But not always will your furnace be in the right condition. How will you know when your furnace requires a doctor? You need to keep a check on the electricity bills. The sudden hike in your bills might be one of the many signs. The other signs might be not turning on at one go or giving out loud noises or the air it gives is cold instead of hot air. Then you need to quickly repair the furnace as your comfort is the main aim of these HVAC industries. You need to also see that you call up a licensed, bonded and reliable company because it’s your appliance and not all repairing services like heating and air Atoka is true to their promises.