Perfect Formula for Combien de Proteine par Jour Pour Maigrir

Calculation of protein requirement to know combien de proteine par jour pour maigrir requires a standardized formula which can be utilized for all the involved variables. This is normally calculated by using the factors like age, gender, activity level, height, waist size (for men), hip size (for women), and neck size. The average requirement for 45 year old male with 170 pound weight, 36” waist size and 12” neck size and height of 5’ 4” comes to about 52 grams per day. The female with hip size of 36” has almost the same value of protein per day.

Parameters of combien de Proteine par Jour Pour Maigrir

combien de proteine par jour pour maigrir

  • Age is certainly one of the primary criteria for calculation of combien de proteine par jour pour maigrir. The ratio of young people with obesity problems is said to be rising constantly today. Children between ages 10-12 tend to develop obesity due to many factors. Excess of fat consumption, biological and hereditary factors and other reasons may contribute to this phenomenon. The value for this group is said to be 129 grams per day with body weight of 120-130 pound body weight and height of four plus inches. Regular workout with fat free foods can help in reducing the fat content considerably within few months. Teens are expected to be more prone to obesity use to their changing lifestyles. Overeating obsession, alcohol and smoking contribute to increased cholesterol levels also. An average teen mal requires 125 grams of proteins per day, while the female requires 110 grams per day. People in their mid 30s need 101 grams for female and 117 grams for male. For men above 45, the requirement is about 112 grams per day and women need about 96 grams per day. The requirement decreases with increase in age. This could be due to the diminishing ability of the body to handle protein intake and convert into energy.
  • Height and weight are said to be related o each other very closely. A short obese person may look fatter than the man with same obesity, but taller in height. The body weight is a parameter which can be certainly reduced by the process of fat burning. Slimming pill is said to be one of the safest and fastest ways to achieving this goal. You need to pay attention to the ingredients of the pills. The most recommended ingredients are L-Thianine, Caffeine, Green tea and Acai berry. Optimum combination of these ingredients can help burn fat at a gradual but steady pace over time. When you are able to support it with regular workout and fat free diet, you can expect positive results for sure.
  • Activity level is another factor which determines the rate at which fat can be burnt. The volume of protein requirement increases with enhanced physical activities. Involvement in workouts, sporting activities and manual labor works require more volume of proteins, compared to desk jobs. Applying the right formula for calculations give you accurate details about combien de proteine par jour pour maigrir.