Our dentists and dental specialists at Bakery Hill Dental will always enjoy the smiles and confidence gained in customers about their teeth.  Our team of professionals in dentistry is dedicated to maintain the latest technologies and changes required and provide you the evidence-based medication to achieve the best feasible potential upshots. Development of new and updated dental procedures, materials, handling instruments will be done every day.Dentist Ballarat

The attitude which we believe is the Teamwork to keep Ballarat people always smiling. In addition to the team work among our employees, their co-ordination and response towards patients also brought us the positive feedback which in turn inspired us to serve our patients the best. The success of our treatment in any department relies on performance of the undertaken job excellently and maintaining it clean and hygiene. The maintenance and presence of identical quality care and friendly staff is the key for our Dental success.

Our standards: Our clinicians are not meant only to provide dental treatment, but also to educate and make aware of the patients upon the kind of treatment being done to them. The happening process in their mouth and the types of medications available will be explained in detail. It can be just like you being in the driver’s seat of your treatment and we being acted as GPS helping you to find the way (treatment) to get it solved.

We are among the most apparent Dental hospitals in Ballarat. Our motto is to deliver premium dental care with emphasis on an integrated, interdisciplinary and widespread approach to several dental problems. Our dedication, commitment and hard work led to successful treatment of all types of dental problems making us well named Center of Excellence through continuous learning and getting updated with advanced technologies.

Services done:

All-purpose Dentistry: Our dentists provide general dental care that covers a broad range of treatment, which include Dental extractions, Emergency dental treatment for tooth aches, broken fillings and broken/cracked teeth, Examinations & dental x-rays, Fissure sealants and Fluoride treatment, General scaling and cleaning, Tooth fillings and tooth replacement.

Aesthetic Dentistry & Tooth Whitening: ​Our cosmetic dental care can vary from altering the shape and color of teeth, building on worn teeth, and management of stained fillings to dental implants.

Veneers, Crowns & Bridges: This includes blocking out or masking the dirty teeth. Keeping Bridges can be very effective and will provide cosmetically pleasing tooth replacement options like conventional bridges, improvement in the shape and position of teeth, strengthening of teeth to prevent cracks. All these will be beneficial for both functional and cosmetic reasons.

Periodontal Treatment: Clinical periodontal analysis for Gum problems will be extended by our dentists by crown lengthening and grafting procedures that includes Root debridement, Scaling and cleaningDentist Ballarat

Root Canal Treatment: Our dentists Ballarat are expertise and professional in root canal treatments both on front and back teeth.

Extensive Referral system: A 24/7 service would be rendered irrespective of holidays. All kinds of dental cases and emergency dental surgeries will be taken care.