Ramadan is the Holiest month which is full of Allah Blessings. Many non-Muslims say why Muslims do fast? What are the benefits of fasting? So here we’ll talk about the importance and benefits of fasting.

If you look at Fasting, Muslims Fast for the Month of Ramadan. Sometimes non Muslims look at Muslims and they strangely ask from them that how they can Fast for a day? What Fasting give you? So here we’ll discuss about the meaning of fasting and have to show the Fasting benefits in their way.

Fasting has a lot of goodness for our health and spiritually. Let me tell you more about Fasting. As soon when the Ramadan Enters, you can ask any Muslim. They will tell you there is a different spiritually. It is so elevated that you’ll need to be a submitter in order to feel it.

And thereafter you’ll have compassion because when you are hungry you reach out the poor. For 1 month you’re staying away from food and sexual desires and others within from dawn to dusk. That should help you to protect your outside that month.

If I could do it for one month, why I can’t do it for the rest of the month?

If you can protect yourself from eating, what is otherwise permissible for one month of the calendar?

Why can’t you protect yourself from eating that which is prohibited for the rest of the 11 months?

And thereafter you would also be able to reach out to the poor if you have food but you’re not eating it what about those who don’t have the food? So this is why a lot of people tend to give out the charities in the month of Ramadan. The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be upon Him) was a very generous man. He (SAW) was more generous than the wind that would blow when wind blows its generosity is such and everyone feels it.

So the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be upon Him) and His generosity were immense. And in the month of Ramadan it was even more because the Hazrat Jibraeel (A.S) used to come to him and they used to learn the Quran they used to read the Quran. Therefore many people use Ramadan Kareem Wishes to greet each other the significances of this day.