Tran Siu and his Dreams for the Youth Sports in Brimbank

Tran Siu has been instrumental in bringing the element of consistency among the sunshine community youth in their sports training methods. He helped them in breaking through their limitations of frequent dropouts from the program. Once he started interacting with the youngsters, he found out many of the hidden causes which made them go out of the programs instead of staying on facing the challenges. This realization made him device new strategies which were unique in many aspects compared to the traditional methods which failed in keeping them in the wagon.

Tran Siu Tran Siu – Transcending the Borders of Fear

Tran Siu made certain interesting observations about the nature of youngsters who came into sports after experiencing failure in the academics. Fear of the future essentially comes from the failures of the past. The intensity of fear will continue to rise with every failure encountered in the present. This seems to be a vicious cycle which is difficult to break, at least for the youngsters trying to cope with their past failures. The complexity of the problems increases when the youngsters are set impossible targets in front of them. More than half of them give up on the day they are given the task list. Many others may lose track halfway through. It is only the bravest who manage to reach their goals after getting bruised all the way. But their success to might be short lived as many of them quit after initial success.

  • The first task of Tran Siu was to remove the phobia that academic success is the sole criterion for measuring their ability. This is a common phenomenon which gets deeply embedded into the subconscious minds of the youngsters. Rooting out this phobia requires the active help of parents and community members. Luckily for Tran Siu and his chosen trainees they got the support they deserved, sometimes early and sometimes lately. But the support did come in the form of donations, equipment, tools and other infrastructural facilities.
  • The youngsters started training on their chosen field of sports. Football, basketball, cricket, volleyball, tennis and athletics were the main forms of sports which got initiated by Tran Siu. As the trainees started progressing they came across a stage where the fear of failure caught up with them again. This is when Tran Siu and his entire team stood behind the youngsters and encouraged them to push ahead.

Tran Siu

  • Tran Siu changed the approach for setting long term goals to short term goals. The trainees could achieve them within the span of time allocated for them. This boosted their confidence levels to a stage from where they didn’t need to look back. Tran Siu called it the point of threshold. Any aspiring youngster who reaches this point is sure to get pushed ahead in the time race and reach the goals without further blocks.
  • Today the Brimbank City Council is being motivated by the same force which was initiated by Tran Siu many years ago. Now Tran Siu is able to bring better facilities for the youngsters.