Have you ever noticed gaps, cracks or pits in your sidewalks? If yes then what you have done at that time? If nothing then now we can give you great tips to repair cracks and pits present in your sidewalks. Many homeowners neglect minor and small damages that happen to occur to their sidewalks. These sidewalks are meant for exterior decoration of your home. If you notice that surface of your sidewalks are no more even then get this thing in your mind that it is the time of their repairing. Check out sidewalk repair Brooklyn ideas from here:

Steps of Repairing Cracks in your Sidewalks

Step 1: Enlarging Cracks in your sidewalk

Let cracks and gaps present on your sidewalks to get as much enlarged as they can so that you can repair them effectively and satisfactorily repaired. You can enlarge sidewalk crack right along its whole and entire length by making use of a cold chisel and also a hammer. Try to make this pit and crack little bit wider from the bottom side rather than from the top side. This process is named as undercutting. This undercutting stage will let you to bond and fuse new concrete along with older one concrete easily.

Step 2: Undercutting the crack present on your sidewalk

Then you need to undercut the crack up to the minimum depth of 1 inches. It all depends on the depth as well as size of your sidewalk crack that how much depth of undercutting you have to carry out and in need! Once you will thoroughly and completely undercut the crack then you have to remove and eliminate all loose materials with the help of a wire brush. Try to brush that area by using a wire brush. You can also use a garden hose or use a tire pump so that you can blow away all dust from the crack.

Step 3: Installing new concrete patch

To install and place a new one concrete patch, do use good quality concrete adhesive. Just brush this adhesive right into that undercut area. Let it dry. For this small amount of patching jobs, you can use a somewhat pre-mixed sort of concrete patch.  For ready-mix kind of concrete patch, you will only be in need of water.

Step 4: Tamp that concrete patch tightly

Then you have to tamp that concrete patch mix just tightly into that undercut area. Do fill all of the areas properly and completely.  As soon as the mixture starts to set then you can further smooth it down by using a metal trowel.

Step 4: Dry patch completely

Let that patch to get dry for about and around two hours. After this time gap, you can cover that patched area by using a  plastic sheet. Just keep this cracked area to be covered for with the time frame of five days. After 5 days, pits and cracks on your sidewalks will all be repaired.

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