As a locksmith service, your biggest challenge is to get people to pick up their phone and call you for a service. You have to put yourself out there, because if people don’t know who you are, they are not going to contact you.

This makes marketing all the more important. While online marketing, social media marketing and search engine marketing are critical for your locksmith business, you should not lose sight of offline marketing. Offline marketing is as important as it used to be in the past as a way to get your message across, drive higher visibility and build your reputation within the industry.

Here are 7 offline marketing ideas for locksmith services that you can start using today.

 #1: Promotional Pens – Giveaway pens or promotional products such as that are a great way to market your locksmith service, provided you place them at the right places.  First things first, you will have to place an order for the pens. You can buy the promotional pens from eBay. Just have your name and number printed on the pens and distribute them at the nearby grocery stores, Wal-Mart, hotels, gas stations, malls, etc. – places that get a lot of traffic.

#2: Your Competitors – There is nothing wrong with talking to your competitors. They are not your enemies! Just send out an email to your competitors, introduce yourself and tell them about the areas work you specialize in. Tell them that you will be referring calls to them if you were busy and request them to return the favor to you. This is a simple but effective offline strategy for growing your locksmith service.

#3: Business Cards – Business cards are excellent marketing tools and they don’t cost much at all. Order about 2,000 to 3,000 business cards for your locksmith service and distribute them to as many people as possible in the area. The business card should have your business name, a link to your website, contact number, physical address and mention the areas of specialization.

#4: Promotional Apparel – You can have your locksmith service name and contact number printed on apparels such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats and so on. Printed T-shirts, in fact, are excellent marketing tools and could attract more calls.

 #5: Locksmith Vans – You can use your locksmith van as a prime advertising space. You should certainly have your business name and contact number painted on all locksmith vans in your fleet. There is every chance that someone who needs a locksmith service may notice your van and call you.

#6: Networking Events or Seminars – One of the best ways to get more clients is to visit networking seminars and events where you will meet new people – potential customers. Join the local small business chamber of commerce and attend meetings regularly. Be a part of various community events and gatherings and market your business subtly –without appearing to be pushy or salesy.

#7: The Police – The local police always have a list of locksmith services with them who they refer out to residents. Call the police, introduce yourself and get your name on the list.

And that concludes our list of the 7 offline different ideas to market your locksmith service. Give them a try and track the results. For the low cost you just cannot beat these 7 new marketing ideas for locksmith services!