Live video streaming seems like an off-putting task that requires a lot of effort and a very pricy software. If however you wish to go for a low-budget or free software for this purpose, the results are not really satisfactory. Because if you choose a software that requires you to pay a small sum of money, chances are that it will not provide all the overwhelming features that you may need.

The only software that nonetheless offers everything without charging a single penny is Open Broadcaster Software, also known as OBS. This influential software happens to give screencasting experience that is smooth and sturdy. If you have a podcast and you are looking for an ideal screencasting software then OBS is the right deal for you.

Below we share Open Broadcaster Software review from some of the users who use this tool quite often.

Users Experience

  • The software uses relatively less resources than any of its competitors, including the ones that charge a big sum of money. Especially when you plan to stream Game Mode, it limits the number of frames to as less as 60 per second.
  • OBS gives the pleasure of over 20 plug-ins to choose from. It even offers adding video files or any other media that is supported by the famous VLC player as the source. It also helps in integrating Twitch Chat as well as switching between scenes depending on which window you want to focus on.
  • It helps streaming to any service that supports RTMP including sites like DailyMotion, YouTube, Twitch and Hitbox.
  • OBS comes along Quick Sync, a hardware that offers video decoding and encoding technology with compression quality and ration to x264 and comparable in speed. Since this hardware is a powerful medium, it helps in providing efficient video processing.
  • The software gives away a smooth experience for users who are professionals and novice. Interface is simple and clean with easy to comprehend steps that are effective even for users who have never used streaming apps before. The button of “Start Streaming” makes the process entirely simple – you can choose source and start streaming.
  • Users can add multiple streaming profiles – each with the settings of their own. You can have keyboard shortcut in each profile to control recording, frames per second, custom resolution, as well as audio codec of your choice.
  • Lastly, with Open Broadcaster Software, you can use multiple capture types for the purpose of streaming. Click on the button “Source Window” and you add the kind you need. There are options like Windows Capture, Game Capture, Monitor Capture, etc. With Windows Capture, you can captures windows, with Monitor Capture – sub-region or the whole monitor can be captured and with Game Capture, users can capture full screens of the games.

All these wonderful features are attainable in the free OBS Studio software. To learn more about free video editing software, please visit our website.