The story of online betting dates back to few decades. And so are the stories of those fortunate ones who have made a fortune on the online betting platforms. These stories are not contained to the likes of the countries like the United Kingdom or the United States. In fact, the story of these fortunate ones spread across the globe with one of the best stories coming off from Asia and Africa, where you could least expect online betting communities to prosper. More importantly, the unfavorable conditions to sustain a fair and clean betting platforms in these countries really worsen the existing circumstances for the online betting community in these regions.

Except for few online betting platforms such as W88, there has been an inconsistent performance on many of the choices for online betting options in the countries of Asia and Africa. Wu Shu Kim is one of the correspondents who had the opportunity to get close to some of the successful members from the top notch betting platforms in Asia. Though, Asia remains one of the developing powers for online betting, the story of success has been the inspiration for these members time and again. One of the recent cases is a platform that remains as the top online betting platform in Asia. The fortune made by this man was One Million US dollars in the only stretch of a day. Though, his story remains one of the rarest of the kind. It was actually his first shot at the online betting platform and he did it for the whole day. As he started in the morning at around 10.00 am and finished with a reward by 02.00 pm in the afternoon.

One of the other stories comes from Philippines who also hold the membership in premier online betting platforms such as W88. This guy made 10 Million Dollars in a day. Though he was a regular member in more than two of the premier betting platforms in Asia, he really felt special and lucky on the day where he drove whooping loot out of nowhere on an online betting platform. The story of this man is too common to the other thousands of the members of the online betting community across Asia. Incredibly he was one lucky man who made it worth more than a million.

These stories are just of the recent origin and some of the platforms such as W88 and more of the kinds has denied disclosing any comments and information on these people apart from the money they were rewarded. The only ways that could allow these betting platforms to reveal their identity are by their consent alone. So, it might take a lot more time or someone who is more generous to get the trick and thoughts out on winning bets on these incredible online betting platforms. But as with the reality, these are indeed the chances that are worth the risks involved at every frontier.