Many people shy away from Islam or claim to be Muslims but Fail to abide by its own principles only as they’re uncomfortable with Islamic principles. First of all, if life was about our own principles then we all would have been Gods and life could have been horribly unimaginable. Life isn’t about our way but instead the way of our Creator, Allah. This clarifies Allah’s supremacy people as his humble slaves and we have to abide by his rules only and forget about what we believe or what our hearts needs because Allah created us and He knows us better than ourselves.

In regards to communicating with the opposite sex, many find it uncomfortable to accept the fact that if you wish to consult with a non-mahram (somebody you don’t have any connections with) either a male or female you will find etiquettes we need to know about. This report focuses on those etiquettes and much more.

We talk to non-mahrams every day of our lives; in work areas, in business schools and transactions. In short, everywhere, but the value of the etiquettes is to direct us from committing sins of the tongue, eyes, heart, ears and touch.

Therefore it is permissible to speak to some non-mahram, (source: however this should be in keeping with the etiquettes:

#1. Be precise and concentrated

Your conversation shouldn’t be unnecessarily long. Try to Ask limits your words without branching to other topics that are unrelated. By way of instance, if you wish to ask about a management simply do this and finish on a polite note.

#2. Unnecessary impressive moves

If You Need to speak to a non- mahram, avoid making jokes And laughing too much as merely a smile is sufficient. Do not try to alter the tone of your voice to match the listener, talk in precisely the exact same tone you’d ordinarily speak to everybody else.

#3. Try to avoid the lustful gaze

It’s totally un-Islamic to look at a non-Mahram woman with lust. Try to keep a fast glance with the aim of speaking. For lowering your gaze is best for you.

#4. Avoid unnecessary body motions

Some people are blessed with excellent communication skills which involve body, eye, facial and hand movements in addition to quoting poetry or romantic phrases. This is great but the location of use things as there are places such abilities might send the incorrect information that includes while talking to a non-mahram.